Advisen Webinar: Cyber Liability: Reining in IT and Internet Risks

Technology continues to transform the ways people acquire information, conduct business and interact with one another. But with each innovation comes new risks. Ranging from copyright infringement to "textual harassment" to data security breaches that put sensitive financial records into the hands of criminals, cyber liability exposures grow with every new application of information technology. To better understand the rapidly expanding risks posed by computer technology and the Internet to companies of all types and sizes, join a panel of experts for an Advisen webinar, Cyber Liability: Reining in IT and Internet Risks, sponsored by Swett & Crawford by clicking below.

The panel included:

  • Liz Kim, Senior Claims Counsel - Hiscox
  • Cliff Rudolph, Technology Practice Leader - Parker, Smith & Feek
  • Mark Smith, Director, Professional Services Group - Swett & Crawford
  • Jim Whetstone, SVP, US Privacy Manager - Hiscox
  • Dave Bradford, Executive Vice President - Advisen Ltd.

You also are invited to download free of charge three Advisen cyber liability special reports sponsored by Swett & Crawford:

  1. Intellectual Property and the Internet: Copyright Infringement Liability in the Digital Era
  2. Online Social Networking: A Brave New World of Liability
  3. Data Security Issues Escalate as Risk Management Evolves.

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