Workers Compensation Tool Kit for Risk Managers

Workers' Comp Kit, is a strategic solution to a pressing managerial problem - with fewer personnel.

The tool kit is a web-based best practice scoring, benchmarking and improvement program that streamlines the workers' compensation cost containment process. It identifies best practices and determines areas of improvement in ONE hour - not months, like in the old days. It provides assessment and solutions.

  1. Improves efficiency of personnel and resources.
  2. Reduces program development time by 85%.

Does not leave you wondering how to correct the problem - it has all the tools needed to reduce your costs immediately:

  • Workers' Comp Kit The Full System

    The tools you need to reduce your workers' Compensation costs. The help you need to "take charge" of your injury process in the workplace.

    Employers, insurance companies, reinsurers, state funds, third-party administrators, associations, organizations can all use the Workers'; Comp Kit, system. It can be used to benchmark best practices of industry groups and associations.

  • Assessment: Calculate your Score

    By taking this survey you will learn your initial score and begin to take the steps to reduce your workers' compensation costs and improve your score. These recommendations are based directly on your survey answers.

    This section includes:

    1. National Workers' Compensation Management Score
    2. Score Tracker
    3. Recommendations for Improvement
  • Benchmarking

    Benchmarking provides a way to track the progress of your workers' compensation program.

    First, it provides a baseline so you know where you started. From there, you can develop reasonable cost reduction goals and determine where you rank against national average or fourteen industry groups.


    1. Benchmarking
    2. Return to Work Ratio
    3. Return to Work Tracker
  • Cost Reduction Modules

    1. Performance Goals - How to measure success and use data
    2. Post Injury Response Procedures - How to set up processes for the first 24 hours after the injury
    3. Communication - Improving communication with employees
    4. Return to Work & Transitional Duty - Returning injured employees to productive temporary positions
    5. Management Commitment - Bringing senior management on board
    6. Insurance Company & Claims Administrator Performance - How to Integrate your claims administration process
    7. Coordination of Medical Care - Working with physicians & clinics
    8. Medical Cost Containment - Understanding the many types of medical cost services
    9. Fraud & Abuse - Controlling fraud & abuse of the system
    10. Training Supervisors - How to show supervisors what they should know about workers' compensation
  • Forms & Documents

    Workers' Comp Kit has over 60 sample forms and documents that can be purchased individually. When using these tools, it takes 85% less time to design a program than starting from scratch.

  • How to Manage Your Workers' Compensation Program & Reduce Your Costs 20 - 50% Book

    The book is an 115-pages guide with practical information about how to develop a workers' compensation cost containment program in 13 chapters. It covers many areas from setting up a post injury process to returning employees to work and gaining management commitment. It focuses on how to develop a program using dozens of cost reduction techniques.