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Monday, July 18, 2011


RIMS Benchmark Book / The Live Event was a showcase of the pertinent findings of the Annual RIMS Benchmark Book combined with live commentary from industry leaders.

The RIMS Benchmark Book features the coverage purchasing patterns associated with 15 industries and 6 coverage lines. The RIMS Benchmark Book is the "What?" and reports the cost of risk stats and premiums, limits and retention in a "How do I compare?" perspective.

This Live Event explored the "Why?" and sought to address anomalies presented by the Book's data trends. Presented as insider views and opinions from behind-the-scenes, buyers (and their brokers) gained a perspective that is intentionally broader and will likely influence how you adjust your risk appetite.

Advisen's ADVx Insurance Premium Index shows the overall direction of the insurance market. But what happens when buyers peel back the layers of that onion to discern where the influences of industry and coverage type take over?

Download the slides and audio from this event below